What Parents Need to Know About Biden's $2 Trillion Infrastructure Package

Cameron LeBlanc

President BidenAmerican Rescue Plan Actbilling the proposalSpace Racethe American Jobs Plan

What’s in the American Jobs Plan?

  • investing in transportation (surface, seaports, airports, public transit)

  • investing in home utilities (water, electric, broadband)

  • investing in building modernization and upgrades

  • investing in the care economy

  • building up the manufacturing and the supply chain

  • protecting workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively (essentially, the PRO Act)

The billIt’s part of a vision

How is it financed?

paid for via tax increases

Does it do enough?

Senator Ed Markey“down payment” on the Green New Dealextending the new time-limited child tax credit

Will it become law?

How long could it take to pass?

Modifying or getting rid of the filibuster

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