Parents hold weekly strategy meeting for dealing with their teenage daughter

These parents hold a weekly strategy meeting where they discuss how to handle their teenager, and viewers are losing it over their method for coping with the tumultuous teenage years.

It’s no secret that the teen years can be rough on both parents and teenagers. For this reason, TikToker and parent Greg Reed (@anoldman1970) and his wife decided to hold weekly strategy meetings to handle the chaos that comes with raising a teenage daughter, and viewers, especially parents of teens, are in hysterics over the range of relatable topics discussed.

“You know you have a 13-year-old daughter when your mom and I have to sit down and do a strategy meeting once a week to figure out how to deal with her?” Reed playfully mentions, addressing the camera while his wife cackles in the background at the beginning of the clip.

During the most recent meeting, Reed shares that he and his wife “figured out that she’s in her ‘opposite’ mode,” which causes his wife to laugh harder. “Anything we tell her, she wants to do the opposite, so we just had a strategy meeting on what to tell her to [get her] to do the things we want her to do,” Reed explains.

For example, “The other day, we told her, ‘Hey, you can sleep in today because we gotta do some stuff. We’ll take you to school later,’” Reed shares.

After getting up the following morning, Reed noticed, “She had already gotten up and got to school by herself. I didn’t have to wake her up or nothin’! Opposite,” Reed recalls as his wife continues laughing in the background.

“So that’s what we’ve figured [out]. We don’t know how long this will last,” Reed admits before he concludes the video, promising an update for the following week.

Reed’s video had viewers, especially parents of teenagers, in stitches.

“Advanced Parenting Level Unlocked,” one user joked.

“I’m 36 and just found out that my parents would actually bet on who I’d get mad at that day,” shared one TikToker.

“Y’all down in the war room making plans,” one viewer playfully observed.

When it comes to strategy meetings, Reed and his wife definitely make a great team.

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