Parents Should Get Their Hands On These $5 Squishmallows For Easter Baskets Before They Sell Out At Five Below


Easter is quickly approaching, falling on the last day of March this year, so if you haven’t started Easter basket shopping, this is your sign to start! Let us point you over to Five Below, where they just started selling mini Squishmallows, and of course, keeping with the store’s name, they’re only $5! Keep reading for all the details.

Mini Squishmallows At Five Below

Squishmallows have been all the rage recently—people of all ages love them, and have started collecting them like Beanie Babies. They range in size from huge, pillow-sized plushies to palm-sized minis and have adorable little faces.


Five Below just started stocking the mini versions of the Squishmallows, and they're all Easter-themed, meaning they'll fit perfectly among candy-filled eggs in an Easter basket. And while they have a ton of different ones—chicks, bunnies, cows, donkeys, carrot cakes, squirrels, cats, and so many more—Squishmallows never seem to stay in stock for long.


Plus, the Easter-themed Squishmallows just went viral on social media, with fans commenting which ones they're hoping to see in their Easter baskets, and who's been lucky enough to snag some already. "I just got the carrot one!" one person said in a comment on TikTok. "So adorable!"


"Omgggg I can't wait for Easter!" another person commented.


"Someone please get me the carrot one, or the chick with the flower crown, please and thank you," another wrote. Grab them while you still can!