Parents debate naming new baby after wife’s late husband: ‘Seriously?’

A man doesn’t want to name his son after his wife’s late husband.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. His wife’s husband died 15 years ago; they’ve been married for eight. She is pregnant with their first child together and wants to name their son after her late husband.

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“We are finally making a shortlist of baby names for boys, and my wife has her heart set on Thomas (her first husband’s name),” he said.

“I don’t want to name our child after a deceased person, because I feel that it’s just so much baggage to put on a child. I don’t want it as a first or a middle name.”

He told her any name — as long as it isn’t after someone — would suffice. But she thinks he’s being insecure. He thought she was being unfair.

“His picture is on the wall of our family pictures, we visit his grave together sometimes, his parents still come over to visit my wife sometimes,” he wrote.

“She still has her wedding ring from their wedding (she doesn’t wear it though), and wears a necklace he bought her. I am okay with all of it.”

Redditors felt the wife was being a bit inconsiderate.

“Seriously? OP is valid for not wanting the name, but his wife is also valid for wanting the name,” a user wrote.

“She doesn’t need to honour him by naming the child with her new husband after the old one. She needs to let go,” another said.

“She’s actually being inconsiderate. This child is a product of the two of you,” someone commented.

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