Parents claim daycare center waxed their children's eyebrows

Two mothers are accusing a Washington state daycare of allegedly waxing their children's eyebrows. (Photos via Facebook)
Two mothers are accusing a Washington state daycare center of waxing their children’s eyebrows. (Photos via Facebook)

A Washington state daycare is under fire after two parents claimed their children’s eyebrows were waxed while under their care.

Mom Alyssa Salgado alleged the local childcare center groomed her almost 2-year-old daughter’s eyebrows.

Salgado, 19, from Kennewick, Wash., dropped off her daughter Lilayiah at CBC Daycare in Pasco, Wash., before going to school. When she picked her up at the end of the day, she noticed Lilayiah was missing a patch of hair between her eyebrows that had previously been there. The skin also looked irritated and red. Initially, she thought it must have been a scratch.

“I go pick up my daughter yesterday and saw a red mark in between her eyebrows. I think it’s a scratch, but as soon as a get home I get a closer look these women decided to wax my daughter’s unibrow,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I birthed my daughter and love every little thing about her, and these so-called women took it upon themselves to correct the way my daughter should look,” she wrote.

Glenda Marie Cruz, another mom whose child attends the same daycare, claims her son’s eyebrows were also waxed that day.

“I tried to touch his face. He doesn’t let me touch his face. He says, ‘No, No, stop,’ and it hurts me because that’s my baby,” she told WLTX.

Both Salgado and Cruz have removed their children from CBC Daycare, admitting they feel guilty about not being there to protect their children.

“I can imagine her calling out ‘mommy’ and I wasn’t there to protect her. I failed her,” Salgado wrote. “But I refuse to let this go unnoticed.”

The daycare, run by the Boys & Girls Club of Benton and Franklin counties, is currently investigating the allegation.

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