Parenting Spotlight: Kelly Wilson

Each month, In The Know by Yahoo is giving everyday parents their time to shine in our exclusive Parenting Spotlight. This month, we're featuring twin mom Kelly Wilson of Bowling Green, Virginia. When Kelly isn't busy chasing 4-year-olds Kellan and Kaelyn, she's working hard as an LCSW, or Licensed Clinical Social Worker — a title she "worked her butt off" to attain!. What’s the parenting tip that everyone loves but you think is overrated?. "Sleep when kids sleep." Developing a good schedule and bedtime routine is a much better tip. Someone shared this quote with me, and it really resonated with me. "It will be alright in the end, and if it's not alright, it's not the end.". What would be the title of your memoir?. "Hold Me!: A Memoir of an Introverted Mother with Extroverted Children." They really do just climb all over me!. What’s the weirdest thing you plan on saving from your kids' baby- or childhood?. Weirdest thing right now is hair. I kept a small clipping from their first haircuts. Which apps could you not live without?. Khan Academy Kids, DUO ABC, and YouTube Kids!. What’s one parenting product you wish you’d bought years ago?. I wish I would've gotten a baby carrier sooner. A fellow twin mom at the gym gifted me a Baby Bjorn, and I fell in love. What’s one life hack you wish you’d learned years ago?. Meal planning/prepping is a major key life hack that I'm still trying to incorporate into our lives. It saves so much time! And I'm a nicer mommy when I am not hangry. Who is your favorite celebrity/influencer mom? . @feedinglittles, @hereweeread, @biglittlefeelings, and the GOAT, @busytoddler. Are there any parenting terms you wish you could retire? (ex: “Momtrepreneur”). I embrace all the quirky, corny and silly names!. What is one “mommy win” you’re super proud of?. Getting both kids in and out of Target without spending all of my money!. If your kids were emojis, what would they be?. My daughter: . She is a special one, and I know she is going to give me a run for my money. My son: . He loves all things shark and ocean. He can identify several different types of sharks and name them. I can't wait to see what they blossom into!