Parenting coach shares advice on how to raise kids to become problem solvers

This parenting coach on TikTok has viewers applauding her advice for parents who want their kids to be problem solvers.

TikToker Lisa Bunnage (@bratbustersparenting) is a busy parent, parenting coach, and founder of BratBusters, a parenting coaching service, who often shares clips of parenting advice and stories. Recently, Bunnage posted a video explaining how parents can raise their children to be problem solvers, and viewers love her words of wisdom.

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The clip begins with the words “How to raise problem solvers” typed over a shot of Bunnage filming her reflection in the bathroom mirror and addressing viewers.

“You start this really young,” Bunnage explains before sharing an example of how she gave her kids a choice between two toys to play with, using a toy rotation system.

Bunnage mentions that allowing her kids to choose which toys they wanted to play with gave them “a sense of empowerment and confidence,” which inspired her to continue to use this approach for everything throughout their development.

For instance, when her kids were teenagers, she would tell them that if they were at a party and encountered drugs and alcohol, they could “either stay there and get drunk and throw up later on,” or they could call her and she’d park down the street to discreetly take them home.

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Bunnage believes that because she gave her kids choices in the first place, they would tend to make the right decision. “And if they made the wrong one, they’d usually tell me ahead of time,” she says.

Since her kids would share their plans with her in advance, Bunnage explains that she always knew of their whereabouts and trusted them because she “raised problem solvers” and “had given them the confidence to deal with any situation themselves.”

When they came to Bunnage for advice, instead of telling them what to do, they’d work out the issue together, giving them the assertiveness to be problem solvers.

Bunnage closes the video, sharing that her now-grown kids are both successful in business and great at dealing with people, which she credits to teaching them from a young age that they had power and the ability to control more than they thought.

Many viewers found Bunnage’s advice to be poignant and moving.

“That’s how parenting should be,” one user remarked.

“My mommy and daddy issues are screaming,” joked one TikToker.

“Can you adopt me, and we try this for a few years? I’m 34,” one viewer requested.

If the comments are any indication, many people could benefit from Bunnage’s parenting advice.

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