Parent Turn Boy’s Closet Into a Built In Reading Nook Bunk Bed

As parents, we always want the best for our children. From their education to their well-being, we constantly strive to go above and beyond. This often translates into creating the perfect play spaces and bedrooms for them. But for some parents, taking it to the extreme is just another day in parenthood.

Take Caitlin Teal's husband for example, who went all out and built an entire reading nook slash bunk bed in his son's closet.

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If you want to talk about a brilliant repurpose of a space then I would have to say that this closet upgrade is one that tops the list, at least for me. Often we see closets become better organized or maybe become a toy storage area, but an entire reading nook complete with bunk bed? That's a new one!

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The first step obviously involves removing the doors and shelving from the closet before bead board is added all around to help bring the space more in line with the look of the rest of the room. Next this Insta-dad frames out the interior and creates two bigger 'shelves' that actually work as built-in bunks instead.

After making sure everything is nice and sturdy the next step is to create a functional ladder, as well as paint everything a cohesive, clean white color. To wrap everything up Caitlin decorates the space and then the kiddo gets to go ahead and add some of his toys and, of course, some books to make it his own!

The end result is super cool and a really cool use of a space that would otherwise just be filled with clothes or, knowing little boys, stinky shoes and footballs!