There Will be a 'Parent Trap' Cast Reunion on July 20

Hilary Weaver
Photo credit: ©Walt Disney Co - Everett
Photo credit: ©Walt Disney Co - Everett


In late May, The Parent Trap director and its star, Lindsay Lohan, teased some Parent Trap news. Since then, we haven't gotten any solidified information about what, exactly, this news might be. On Friday, Meyers posted an Instagram photo with the caption, "Yayyyy! Finally I can share my PARENT TRAP news with you tomorrow! (Still not a sequel.)"

Lohan shared the same behind-the-scenes photo from the 1998 movie with the caption: "@nmeyers 🙏 can't wait!" She commented: "Tomorrow has the 411!"

Well, we didn't get anything yesterday, but this morning, both Lohan and Meyers shared a clip from Katie Couric with the big announcement: a cast reunion that is airing on Katie Couric's Instagram tomorrow at 9 A.M.

The teaser of the reunion, which seems to have been filmed from each actor's home, remotely, features Dennis Quaid (Nick Parker), Elaine Hendrix (Meredith Blake), and Lisa Ann Walter (Chessy). "This is so cool," Lohan says on the teaser. "I had such a blast," Quaid says. "There's a whole generation who thinks Meredith is, like, hashtag goals." Walter says one of her "favorite moments is the look that I give him when he comes in in that Speedo," referring to her interaction with Simon Kunz, who plays Martin in the film. "We discovered a big star," Meyers says of Lohan.

This was Meyers's directorial debut and was a remake of the 1961 film of the same name starring Hayley Mills. Natasha Richardson, who plays Elizabeth James in the 1998 film, died in 2009 after a skiing accident.

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