Parent gives TikTokers tour of kids’ ‘art projects’ drawn on various household items

This mom on TikTok posted a highly entertaining video showing off her children’s various “art projects” that use household items as a canvas, and viewers can totally relate to the havoc caused by the combination of kids and permanent markers.

TikToker Rhiannon Caballero ( is a busy mom and content creator based in Houston, Texas. In one of Caballero’s videos, she gives viewers an amusing tour of her kids’ “art” displayed on various objects around the house, and viewers are in stitches over the relatability.

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The clip, captioned “I finally found the Sharpie,” begins with the words “When I walk through my house to discover my kids’ ‘art projects,’” typed over a shot of a white trash can with black Sharpie scribbled all over the lid.

In the next shot, Caballero moves on to the subsequent work of art, which features a storage bin with Sharpie drawings adorning the lid.

The next stop on Caballero’s gallery tour is the dining room, showcasing a white chair with a series of blue and green vertical lines drawn on its back.

Caballero finishes the gallery exhibition with a shot of safety gates separating the kitchen from the dining room. The center of each gate features an abstract Sharpie rendering reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s early work.

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Many viewers could identify with Caballero’s Sharpie predicament and took to the comments to crack some jokes and share tips for getting rid of the marker.

“It’s like Banksy, but abstract,” one user observed.

“Man, they are [artists]! I painted the house last year, and it was repainted by my then [2-year-old] a week later,” shared one parent with a string of laughing emojis.

“Spray sunscreen takes Sharpie off,” one viewer recommended, while another suggested that “the Pink Stuff from Amazon is amazing. I was able to get Sharpie and crayon off my wall and tile flooring no problem.”

As Caballero’s video shows, some kids prefer using a dining room chair as a canvas instead of paper. Fortunately, TikTok offers many tips and tricks for cleaning stubborn markings.

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