Parent Calls the Cops on Teen Boys Showing Support for Female Classmate Going Braless

·Associate Editor

The braless warrior, Kaitlyn Juvik. (Photo: Facebook)

Another day, another teen girl violates a school dress code… or did she? Kaitlyn Juvik, a senior at Helena High School in Montana, says she was told by school administrators that she needed to put on a bra one day when she came to school without one.

“As long as nothing is showing and you are covered up, girls should not have to wear a bra,” she told MTN News.

According to the school principal Steve Thennis, someone at the school complained that Juvik’s outfit was making him or her uncomfortable, and Juvik was asked to cover up or put on a bra. Juvik posted an image of what she was wearing that day to Facebook — a loose-fitting black blouse that fell off one shoulder. Her body appears to be adequately covered. “You definitely can’t tell I’m not wearing a bra unless you’re looking VERY hard,” she wrote. Juvik also mentioned she wore stickers to make sure her nipples wouldn’t be as prominent in the shirt.

As a result of the controversy, students at Helena High School protested on Friday and also made a Facebook page, “No Bra, No Problem,” which says it is “against discrimination in schools,” and “focus[es] on the right for girls to go braless.”

“The fact that I was told it makes people uncomfortable offended me because it’s my body,” Juvik told MTN news. “It is my natural body and I’m not sure why that is uncomfortable to somebody.”

On Tuesday, the protests continued, with male students coming to school wearing bras over their shirts. A parent called the police saying that some of the boys were causing a “disruption” and making “inappropriate gestures.” KTVH News reports that students said it was only a few of the boys who were acting inappropriately and that a school resource officer spoke with the parent, explaining that the incident was not one that warranted police involvement.

Bottom line: Breasts are a natural part of the female form, and if someone is uncomfortable with that, perhaps a remedial turn in health class might be in order? Women and young girls’ bodies are constantly being sexualized in their natural form, and often, the burden of making sure their bodies are “acceptably” covered up lies on the girl. It’s a dangerous road to go down. Should girls and women wear cardboard boxes everywhere so that their figures are obscured for the sake of people who might feel “uncomfortable” by a human body?

There are women in the world who are required to cover themselves from head to toe, but that still doesn’t stop women from being sexually assaulted, or their mere presence being deemed a “distraction” for men. Perhaps the “uncomfortable” person should do some soul searching as to why he or she is looking so hard at a teen girl’s chest and why natural breasts are so offensive to them.

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