Paramount Is Making 'Selma' Free to Rent on All Digital Platforms for the Entire Month of June

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Photo credit: Luca Teuchmann - Getty Images
Photo credit: Luca Teuchmann - Getty Images

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On Saturday, filmmaker Ava DuVernay announced on her Instagram account that her 2014 movie, Selma, is going to be available to rent for free on all digital platforms, thanks to Paramount Pictures. The film follows the story of the 1965 civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

Happy to share: "Paramount Pictures is offering SELMA for free rental on all US digital platforms for June, starting now. Just go to your cable on demand or iTunes or Amazon or whatever you use to rent films, and it's free. Netflix has also made 13TH available for free on YouTube," she said, referring to her 2016 Netflix film about the history of racial inequality in the U.S. "I believe these films should be available to all at no cost, especially in these important times. We've gotta understand where we’ve been to strategize where we’re going. History helps us create the blueprint. Onward."

DuVernay has been speaking out about the Black Lives Matter movement on her social media in the wake of national protests. On #BlackOutTuesday, she wrote about what it means to take actions during social media campaigns like this.

"I'm told #BlackOutTuesday began to create space for white folks to learn/talk/read/think about racism?," she wrote. "Okay. Add this to your agenda. Think about how you can actively work to dismantle the generations-old systems that encourage and protect police misconduct and murder. Actively. Work. To. Dismantle. Take cues from fellow white people who wanted tans and tattoos, so they marched on state capitols with their guns and wallah! States opened. Swagger into the halls of power that you have access to with an outrage on behalf of Black Life. Think about how to defend against police officers who murder us and get away with it. Actively. Work. To. Dismantle."

Besides Selma and 13th, you can also stream Warner Bros. Picture's wrongful conviction drama Just Mercy, on all digital platforms. The Criterion Channel announced on June 4 that it is lifting the paywall on films that "focus on Black Lives."

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