Parachute Is Launching Its First-Ever Line of Living Room Furniture

Parachute’s collection of high-quality, sustainably made home goods is getting larger with the addition of sofas, coffee tables, and more.

<p>Courtesy of Parachute</p> Cove Sofa and Butte Coffee Table by Parachute

Courtesy of Parachute

Cove Sofa and Butte Coffee Table by Parachute

Since it first launched its premier line of bed sheets and other bedding in 2014, Parachute has taken the home goods world by storm, offering everything from bed frames and mattresses to loungewear to its signature lush towels, all made to be premium quality and lasting. Parachute has also had a growing commitment to sustainability, and with the launch of Parachute’s first-ever living room collection on October 5, stocking your home with responsibly made, irresistibly beautiful items is easier than ever.

Parachute’s new (and first!) line of living room furniture includes sofas, chairs, coffee and side tables, and table and floor lamps. The 15-item collection features sustainably sourced and PFA-free materials, and each item is a thoughtfully crafted investment piece that’s meant to last. The entire line avoids wasteful production, too, in contrast to the rising popularity of high-waste, low-quality furniture and in support of Parachute’s commitment to sustainability.

<p>Courtesy of Parachute</p> Pillow Sofa and Loop Coffee Table by Parachute

Courtesy of Parachute

Pillow Sofa and Loop Coffee Table by Parachute

We know and love Parachute for its plush robes and fluffy down pillows, among many other items, but as the brand continues to expand into more areas of the home, there’s more to appreciate about its sustainability efforts and streamlined, approachable design style. Parachute launched bed frames and other bedroom furniture a few years ago—its first foray into home furnishings—and, while the new living room collection has the same laidback, California-cool aesthetic and rounded silhouettes, it’s also intentionally trendless.

“We wanted our first living room collection to feel authentically Parachute!” says Ariel Kaye, founder and CEO of Parachute. “We are constantly inspired by the Parachute customer—someone who wants quality, comfort, and style. Rather than pigeonholing ourselves into one particular category, i.e. mid-century modern or traditional, our style is meant to be timeless and versatile. These furniture pieces transcend trends.”

<p>Courtesy of Parachute</p> Drift Sofa by Parachute

Courtesy of Parachute

Drift Sofa by Parachute

With names like Cove Sofa and Butte Coffee Table, it’s clear that the collection takes its inspiration from natural forms. The items are also more oriented around function and customer feedback than fitting into a specific style: Kaye says her customers loved the softer lines of other furniture items, like the Canyon Bed Frame, and as a result the Parachute team brought the same silhouettes into the living room collection.

If the Parachute customer loves comfort and quality, this line is certainly tailor-made for them. The Pillow Sofa (and Chair) are plush and pillowy (of course), and the Drift Sofa boasts a “sink-in softness” any proud couch potato will love. (If you doubted that oversized sofas are in, take this as further proof that this look is sticking around.)

<p>Courtesy of Parachute</p> Pillow Sofa, Strand Coffee Table, and Dawn Floor Lamp by Parachute

Courtesy of Parachute

Pillow Sofa, Strand Coffee Table, and Dawn Floor Lamp by Parachute


This collection is focused on the core elements of any living room: seating, surfaces, and lighting. While you might expect to see more items in a finished living room, using these items as a foundation to build off of with other, small items can set you up for decorating (and comfort) success, no matter your style.

“We wanted to offer foundational pieces that really anchor a room: upholstered sofas and chairs, coffee tables, lighting, and rugs,” Kaye says. “We designed this collection to be versatile no matter your home aesthetic. We often say if you put all the items in a bag, shook it up, and pulled out three pieces, they would all complement each other.”

Pair that intentional versatility with the various fabrics, finishes, and fills available for the seating (there are 12 color and fabric options, plus two finishes and two fill types, and the sofas are available in 84- and 96-inch sizes), and you’ve got the perfect building blocks for the welcoming, beautiful living room of your dreams.

The 15-item Parachute living room collection is available starting October 5.

<p>Courtesy of Parachute</p> Strand Coffee Table, Pillow Sofa, and Century Floor Lamp by Parachute

Courtesy of Parachute

Strand Coffee Table, Pillow Sofa, and Century Floor Lamp by Parachute