Panera May Be Removing Up to 30 Menu Items—What We Know So Far

Panera's possible upcoming menu shake-up has us... shook.

The eatery is reportedly testing out a list of severely streamlined offerings with far fewer items in a "small amount of Panera bakeries," according to confirmation from a brand representative.

The changes are taking place in an effort to improve convenience for customers and simplify operations for employees, per the statement shared with Nation’s Restaurant News.

A spokesperson for Panera clarified in a statement to Parade, "As part of our effort to continually improve our guest experience, we test different menu options in a small number of Panera bakery-cafes with the goal of providing a faster and more convenient guest experience while also simplifying operations for our associates. We routinely run these tests to identify new ways to better serve our guests, whether that’s through menu innovation, simplification or new technology. This program is being tested in less than 3% of our nationwide bakery-cafes."

Although the company didn't provide specifics regarding potential switch-ups to come, the news first broke when a viral TikTok video—which has since been made private—allegedly created by a Panera employee, claimed that approximately 30 menu items would be getting removed from Panera's restaurants.

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The social media user alleged that items that will soon disappear and no longer be available from the menu include popular eats and sips such as the Bistro French Onion Soup and Ten Vegetable Soup, as well as all cold brew drinks, all grain bowls, and several bakery items, including the blueberry scone, butter croissant, and kitchen sink cookie, among others.

While the news that many things may be getting taken away from the list of current offerings, as the saying goes—things are giveth, and they are taketh away.

Before it takes, Panera has recently given a brand new menu item for fans to enjoy. Available starting Wednesday, Aug. 30, the cafe turned its iconic Cinnamon Crunch Latte into a breakfast sandwich with the debut of its Ham, Egg and Cheese on a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel—and trust us, it's delicious (we know, because we tried it)!

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