Pandora Just Launched the Nordic-Inspired Collection of Our Scandi Girl Dreams

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Pandora Just Launched Nordic-Inspired PiecesCourtesy of Pandora

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I often wear two gold Pandora chains featuring the brand’s lab-grown diamonds around my neck, and people always ask where they’re from, assuming they must be vintage. When I tell them the necklaces are actually Pandora, the response is inevitably shock, or a comment about not realizing the brand had outgrown its reputation as a maker of charm bracelets. But it’s true: Some of the jewelry I get the most compliments on is from Pandora, like the heart-shaped earrings I wear in multiple piercings along my lobes and those diamond chains.

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Courtesy of Pandora

Another little-known fact about Pandora is that it’s headquartered in Copenhagen. While the Danish capital’s signature flair might not be obvious in some of the jeweler’s better-known collections, it is especially present in the most recent Pandora launch: Essence.

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Courtesy of Pandora

Embracing organic shapes, the Essence line is decidedly Nordic-inspired, with minimalistic natural edges and imperfect curves. It was also designed with Danish dressing sensibilities in mind: Each piece is crafted to allow the wearer to mix and match any other Essence selections. You could cuff a curvy bangle over the long sleeve of a button-down, or wear a handful all at once along your wrists. It’s the kind of jewelry people think about when they hear the term neck party… or arm party… or wrist party. Or honestly, even just party in general. The line feels celebratory and yet somehow also everyday.

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Courtesy of Pandora

The 50-piece collection is made with sterling silver and 14k gold plating, and includes earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, some with pearl details or cutesy heart-shaped curves. Prices start at $50 and go up to $375.

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Courtesy of Pandora

While Essence isn’t available to shop until May 23, I’m already envisioning how my hands and fingers will look covered in the stackable broad opened bangles and entwined rings. And I can already see it coming: the influx of comments and questions about where it’s all from. I’ll say Pandora, and people might be surprised—but after its recent couple of collections, they really shouldn’t be.

Pandora’s Essence collection will be available to shop worldwide at all Pandora boutiques and online starting May 23. Get an exclusive sneak peek here.

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