Pamela Anderson’s Net Worth Keeps Getting Higher and Higher Thanks to Her New Doc

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By now, you've probably seen the new Pamela Anderson documentary, Pamela, A Love Story...right? (Seriously, if you haven't, sprint to Netflix right now!) The film not only serves as Pamela's reclamation of her own narrative, but it also reminds us of (1) how hard she's worked in Hollywood and (2) just how amazing she is off camera, too. Clearly Pam was ahead of her time, and everyone else is catching up! That's why it's no shock that her net worth will likely continue to skyrocket after the release of this doc and her new memoir. Let's dig into everything the celeb has been doing since before I was even born, and all of the current exciting projects hopefully adding zeroes to her bank account.

There are all of those Baywatch checks

Pamela played the role of Casey Jean “C.J.” Parker in Baywatch for five years between 1992 and 1997...and it made her a lot of $$$. According to Celebrity Net Worth, as one of the longest-serving cast members on the series the actor initially earned $1,500 an episode when she joined during the show’s third season. However, as she rose in popularity, her salary was raised until it peaked at around $300,000 per episode—or $6.6 million per season.

Ultimately though, the actress doesn’t regret leaving the series upon having her second child, Dylan, because focusing on raising her kids was her priority. “I had Brandon, who was more important. And was pregnant with Dylan. And my family came first. I was working so much on Home Improvement and Baywatch, and Barbwire and developing VIP. Just married with babies. I needed to take a break,” she said.

She's made some $$$ on her real estate deals

Per Celebrity Net Worth, back in 2001 Pamela bought a home in Malibu for $1.8 million, which she tore down and spent $8 million renovating. Three years later, the celeb listed the home for $7.75 million, but sadly found no buyers. That is, until March 2021 when she low-key doubled the sale price to $14.9 million and even listed it for rent for as much as $50,000 per month. Fast-forward to August of that year, and Pam successfully sold the home for $11.8 million. Honestly? This sitch is the definition of “good things come to those who wait.”

Here's a glimpse of that $8 million home reno if you're feeling nosy:

Pamela is a Dancing With the Stars icon at this point

Yep, the actor appeared on multiple (!!) Dancing With the Stars franchises, beginning with the 10th season of the American version in 2010. And, honestly? She made it pretty far with her partner Damian Whitewood—they were eliminated after the seventh week.

Additionally, Pam appeared on the All-Star iteration of the show in 2012, though she was cut during the first week. Oh, for some added ~international~ flair, I'm happy to inform you that she's even appeared on the Argentinian and French versions of Dancing With the Stars in addition to the U.K.'s Dancing on Ice.

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^ See?! I-con-ic!

She also starred in Barb Wire

It's not known how much money Pam was paid to star in the 1996 film, but it was hopefully a solid deal considering it was her breakthrough role on the big screen. Overall, according to IMDb, the movie had an estimated budget of $9 million but wound up earning just short of $4 million worldwide. But still! The role was written just for Pamela according to her new documentary, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

And her character is *still* relevant—just take a look at Kenny's IG.

pamela anderson in 'barb wire'
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And speaking of that Netflix doc...

The project is titled Pamela, A Love Story and essentially chronicles her personal and professional life over the last 30 years. The official Netflix synopsis reads: “An intimate and humanizing portrait of one of the world’s most famous blonde bombshells, Pamela, a love story follows the trajectory of Pamela Anderson’s life and career from small town girl to international sex symbol, actress, activist and doting mother.”

Prior to Pamela, A Love Story's release, Pam appeared on the cover of Variety for a story tied to it. Ever since it debuted, she's been the epitome of booked and busy, doing “get ready with me” videos with Vogue and re-writing the “Barbie doll cartoon character” trope she's been cast in for literal decades.

She's written *tons* of books

As in, four autobiographical texts and two novels. Meanwhile, I can barely get through an entry in my gratitude journal 😭. Some of Pam's biggest titles include Star, Lust for Love: Rekindling Intimacy and Passion in Your Relationship, and her most recent, Love, Pamela: A Memoir of Prose, Poetry, and Truth. And because her new book and documentary are both timely and linked to each other, Pamela is actually currently on a press tour promoting them, which means she's only going to be getting more $$$ as her popularity soars. I, for one, only have this to say after watching the doc: “ILY Pam, So proud of you!!!”

Her Broadway debut was widely lauded

With headlines like “Pamela Anderson drives Chicago crowd wild in her Broadway debut” and “Razzle dazzle: Pamela Anderson takes back the narrative in Chicago,” it's safe to assume the actor definitely got paid for the amazing show she put on during her run as Roxie Hart in Chicago. If you wanna get really emotional about it, watch this vid of the actor's first curtain call:

So what is Pamela Anderson's net worth, in total?

Oh, that would be a cool $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. But judging on how much well-deserved positive attention Pamela is getting thanks to the release of her new Netflix documentary and book, I honestly wouldn't be shocked if this number skyrockets sooner rather than later. Love this for her 😭❤️.

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