Pamela Anderson, 56, Says 'Anti-Aging Is A Lie'—Here's Why

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Pamela Anderson Says 'Anti-Aging Is A Lie' Lionel Hahn - Getty Images
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Pamela Anderson has had quite the career, going from bronzed-up blonde Baywatch babe to the make-up-free natural aging advocate she is today.

“Anti-aging is a lie,” Pamela said in a recent interview with Glamour. “We’re getting older no matter what. Things change, and if you can find a sense of humor in it, it’s better. ”

Pamela, 56, stepped back into the spotlight in 2023 with her memoir Love Pamela and a Netflix documentary of the same name. Fans applauded the new look Pamela showcased in her documentary, often appearing natural and make-up free for the cameras.

“In this industry, you can get carried away and forget who you are underneath it all. That’s why I wanted to peel everything back," Pamela told Glamour. "I don’t know what my next look or incarnation is going to be. I feel like I’m a little bit of an experiment, but I’m doing it for myself.”

Pam shared that she took a lot of heat for how she was aging when she was in her 20s and 30s, but really, she feels it was more a testament to the era. She was caught in the transition from paparazzi shooting on film to shooting digitally. “You’re still wearing the same makeup, but you look like a clown or a scary person,” she shared with Glamour. “It’s always important to remember how people see you in person—that’s the key. But then, people have all their social media and their filters. So I feel like a bare face is almost the safest bet.”

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Pam has learned to find the beauty in her changing body and face. “As I age, I am embracing the funny things that are happening to me. If it’s losing elasticity or some freckles are starting to join together, I have to be amused by it,” she said.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Pam has shared her take on aging naturally. She regularly goes without makeup these days—recently to Paris Fashion Week. It’s all about embracing where she is now in life, Pam shared with PEOPLE in 2023.

"I call it life-ing, not aging," she said. "Chasing youth is futile. All we can do is embrace who we are at the moment we are in and be okay with where our feet stand right now."

Pamela also is the co-founder and owner of the vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand, Sonsie.

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