Palisade peach report: Late freeze might affect crop this year

DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado’s renowned Palisade peaches aren’t in season for another few months, but, one farm is already seeing a change in the crop this year.

Despite the snow in Denver, last weekend’s temperatures didn’t make it to Palisade and the cold didn’t affect the peaches. However, the town has seen some below-freezing temperatures.

According to Sheri Taylor with Taylor Farm and Ranch, a small freeze about a month ago affected some of the early varieties of fruit.

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Due to the freeze, Taylor expects the crop to yield about 20-30% less than last year.

“As far as our orchard is concerned, we will probably have less fruit because last year we had no freeze damage. We will have a slight freeze damage this year from the cold about a month ago,” said Taylor.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean a bad season for peaches.

“Last season was our best season as a farm. We have had some freezes in the last couple of years, so, I think this year will still be a good crop compared to what we have had in the 10 years we’ve had our orchard,” said Taylor.

Last year’s yield was so high because of the minimal freezing. While there was freeze damage for this season’s peaches, Taylor said the crop looks good so far.

As for the peaches peak season, Denver still has to wait a few months for the peaches to be sold around the city.

The crop should start showing up around Palisade at the beginning of July, said Taylor.

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