Paige Spiranac Is Not Fazed by Trolls Who Don’t Take Her Seriously

Paige Spiranac.<p>Aaron Davidson/Getty Images</p>
Paige Spiranac.

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

When Paige Spiranac teased she’d be sharing 31 days of Halloween costumes, the internet quickly tuned in. Unfortunately, not all of the feedback has been positive, but the 30-year-old media personality is clearly not fazed by online trolls.

On Friday, the one-time SI Swimsuit model shared on her Instagram story that she planned to dress up in a different Halloween costume each day throughout the month of October for her OnlyPaige subscribers. She then teased a few looks, including her interpretation of Velma Dinkley, the fictional character from the from Scooby-Doo franchise, and even channeled a sexy pink bunny.

After sharing a sneak peek of the costumes with her social following, however, Spiranac noted on TikTok that she was getting rude messages in her DMs. She was fortunately able to brush them off.

“I was just dying laughing too, because someone sent me a DM, and they’re like ‘no one’s ever gonna take you seriously,’ and I’m in freaking bunny ears right now,” she stated while still clad in the costume. “It’s three-o-clock in the afternoon and I’m wearing bunny ears. Like what do I say back to that? Like, yeah, you nailed it.”

Spiranac’s TikTok clip proved that she can playfully poke fun at herself, and many of her 1.5 million followers pointed out that her humor and lightheartedness are some of the reasons why they adore her so much.

“Everyone is too serious these days…..we need fun and laughter,” one fan noted.

“keep doing what [you’re] doing,” someone else advised.

“It’s giving Elle Woods & I’m so here for it 😍, another person noted of Reese Witherspoon’s Legally Blonde character.

“You make my day,” an additional user gushed. “keep doing you. own it!”

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