Paid to Pee? Get a Rupee in India for Using Public Bathrooms


In India, the city of Ahmedabad is planning to pay citizens for using public restrooms. (Photo: Thinkstock)

During potty training, many parents reward their children with a small gift if they successfully use the bathroom. Sometimes it’s a piece of candy, other times it’s a gold star. In India, a government agency is following suit, rewarding citizens who pee in public restrooms with cold hard cash.

That’s right — as a tool to deter people from using the street, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) wants to give a rupee to those who use the city’s public restrooms. According to the Times of India, this concept was successfully implemented in Nepal, so the AMC wants to bring it to dozens of nuisance areas in Ahmedabad.

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To deter people from peeing on the streets, the AMC wants to pay citizens a rupee to use public restrooms. (Photo: Thinkstock)

“We are going to implement this project because people…are found defecating in the open,” said an AMC standing committee chairman Pravin Patel. “Some even defecate on footpaths and pose a major public health risk. Our move will encourage people to use public toilets and AMC officials will also explain their family to do the same.”

The city plans to pay for the idea by generating revenue through advertising. In addition, those offenders who still insist on peeing in the streets can expect to receive a heavy fine.

Currently there are 300 public restrooms in the city, and the “pee for pay” stalls will be available in 67 locations — most of which are located near slum areas.

If successful, the service will be implemented at all public toilets in Ahmedabad.

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