Padma Lakshmi Just Shared Her Workout Routine—and It Includes Two Exercises You Can Do at Home

“My thighs are on fire!”

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Padma Lakshmi is definitely known for her foodie endeavors, from her delicious recipes to her hosting career on Top Chef and Taste the Nation. But recently, she shared a glimpse into another aspect of her life by posting a piece of her fitness routine on Instagram.

Through the guidance of her personal trainer Damon Ball, here are the four workouts that Lakshmi demonstrated in her video.

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The first two workouts require no equipment, which we love to see. The first workout is a donkey kick. On the bench, Lakshmi holds the surface and keeps one knee down while raising her other knee off the bench. She repeats this motion back and forth, each time raising her knee high enough to create a symmetrical extension with her quad and torso.

Lakshmi also does a bench leg raise. Using the bar above her head for support, Lakshmi, on her back, lifts both legs together and slowly lowers them, repeating this movement. This workout can be easily replicated at home as the bar isn't necessary. Put your hands behind your head or keep them by your side when doing this workout on your own mat or bench.

Her other two workouts use equipment as she spends time on the elliptical and uses battle ropes for cross training. This is the part of the video where Lakshmi isn't afraid to show her entirely relatable breaks.

"Oh my god, my thighs are on fire!" Lakshmi said in the video after her elliptical reps. Then, when she completed her workout with the battle ropes, she exclaimed: "I can't even speak right now. I mean, it was like 20 seconds, but it killed me."

We're loving the sneak peek into Lakshmi's realistic workout routine and are hoping for more fitness content from the food expert in the future. Feeling inspired? Check out this list of the best carbs to eat before and after a workout to know exactly how to fuel your body.

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