Oyster Festival Mascot Terrifies Everyone On The Internet

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Photo credit: Instagram/@hfxoysterfest
Photo credit: Instagram/@hfxoysterfest

Upon first glance at Pearl, the gnarly-looking mascot for the Halifax Oyster Festival, you might be thinking, "No good can come of this."

With well over a dozen soulless eyes and a mischievous smile, Pearl looks as if she's been summoned to the land of humans for pure revenge. But in actuality, the oyster mascot isn't here for drama.

Buzzfeed News recently had the opportunity to chop it up with Pearl after a photo of the oyster mascot went viral, and she comes in peace.

"I have no beef with the human race, I just wish they would stop using single-use plastics. Also fresh-water pearls, what's up with that?," Pearl shared.

The photo of Pearl that went viral was shared by Twitter user Amy Langdon (@alangdon17) on July 24. In her tweet, Langdon wrote, "this is the mascot for the Halifax Oyster Festival and i’m absolutely terrified of it." Other users on Twitter were equally terrified of Pearl in all her steely gray glory.

Christine Oreskovich, one of the minds behind the oyster mascot, was pretty surprised upon being informed that Pearl had gone viral.

"The person and I who came up with that five years ago, we were just laughing out loud. Like, Oh my god," Oreskovich told Buzzfeed News. "We have loved this thing for so long and no one's really appreciated how cool and weird and messed up it is, until now. We're five years ahead of ourselves!"

For those eager to snap a selfie with Pearl, she'll be at the Halifax Oyster Festival, which runs from September 23 to 24 at the Halifax Waterfront.

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