Owners are shocked to discover their ‘missing dog’ had been home with them the whole time

Losing a pet is heartbreaking, but if you’re lucky enough to find them again, the joy of that reunion is unmatched.

That’s exactly what one family in Washington experienced after their dog Lili went mysteriously missing. Remarkably, the pup turned up just four days later, and the surprise she had in store for them was jaw-dropping.

Ashley Tabor (@ashleytabor0) first shared the story. The mom and self-described “adventure lover” cares deeply about her animals. So when her beloved husky didn’t turn up last week, her heart sank.

When Lili returned home, Tabor put an AirTag on her in case it ever happened again. That’s when she discovered the pup had never actually run away from home. Instead, she found a secret hideaway under Tabor’s home, where Lili had silently given birth to a litter of pups.

“So many of our community members and neighbors have asked about our Lili girl,” Tabor captioned her now-viral post. “Here is her story! It has a good ending I promise.”

In the clip, someone uses an electric saw to cut into the home’s floorboards, revealing Lili hiding within a crawl space while protecting her babies.

“Do you want a bone?” Tabor asks her beloved pup, as she tries to lure her out of the crawl space with a dog biscuit.

Eventually, she’s successful, and Lili hops out of the hole in the floor to grab the treat in her mouth.

Moments later, Tabor and her husband face how to rescue the remaining pups from the crawl space, which is harder than it looks.

“An adult couldn’t fit into her den,” the video text explains, “so we did what any good parent would do … We sent our middle child in to finish the job.”

She wasn’t not kidding. Luckily, her middle child was small enough to fit and bring each pup to safety.

Tabor and her husband then learn they are the “proud grandparents” of six new baby pups.

Tabor’s TikTok has earned over 20.3 million views and thousands of comments from invested fans.

“She was afraid to tell you she got pregnant,” one person wrote, of why Lili probably disappeared in the first place.

“I’m so glad she was okay!!” said another.

Others couldn’t help but see the humor in the video.

“she was like ‘I came under here to get away from you and you drilled through the FLOOR?!'” one person wrote.

“the way I snorted when you sent the middle child,” said another.

“As a middle child, we’re the jack of all trades for the family,” commented someone else.

Since sharing the initial video, Tabor has updated her account multiple times with videos of the growing pups.

And as for her middle child, Tabor let her followers know that he has been accepted into “the wolf pack” and couldn’t be happier.

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