Owner Asks Alpaca if He Got Into the Prickle Bushes and His Response Is Priceless

Unsplash/Possumvii Iviiss

Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting an alpaca? Which looks like a camel mixed with a llama. If not, you need to! They are one-of-a-kind.

The owner of the @useless_farm proves in this video, posted on October 19, that alpacas are certainly one of a kind, as she tries to pull out the leftover of a prickle bush that's stuck to Daniel, an alpaca. And his response is everything! Let's check it out!

This is too funny!

But we certainly feel for him! Ouch!

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Alpacas are known for their curious and friendly nature, and they can make a variety of sounds to communicate with each other and with humans.

She's like, "Daniel! Did you get into the prickle bushes?"

And Daniel's response, "Hmm?"

It was almost as if he were saying, "Who? Me? What makes you think that?"

Alpacas often make a humming sound, which is a gentle and rhythmic vocalization. Humming can serve various purposes, such as expressing contentment, communicating with other alpacas, or signaling mild distress.

He knows he's guilty!

However, it doesn't seem to bother him when his owner pulls out all the leftover prickle bushes from his wool; his response to everything is just, "Hmm."

But he's so calm about it.

Throughout the video, you can hear Daniel make this humming sound.

Apparently, it's also a common sound when alpacas are grazing or resting.

Maybe Daniel is just super relaxed and not mildly stressed. However, he will feel so much better once those prickly things are removed from his wool.

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