I Own Over 50 Pairs of Sunglasses But Return to These Black Ones Every Time

Indya Brown
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Few accessories rival the understated cool of black sunglasses. With almost everyone fully leaning into the minimalist basics within their wardrobes, black sunglasses have been a hero piece to propel otherwise dull looks into those that feel intentionally minimal. Although not categorically a trend, I’ve certainly noticed an uptick in the way that fashion girls use them to add interest to outfits like a sweatsuit and coat combo. As a sunglasses enthusiast, my collection has inadvertently expanded to over 50 pairs (some gifts and some mementos from past travels), but black sunglasses remain the ones that I reach for the most. They’re timeless and cool, and yet add an elegant Jackie O quality (especially if you go oversize).

Chances are you have a few in your drawer right now, but with the number of unusual shapes and silhouettes on the market, there’s always room for experimentation. Whether a certain budget is the goal, or you're willing to invest in a pair that will last forever, keep scrolling to find your new outfit sidekick.

1. Aviator

A true staple. More modern takes on this shape sway a little less Top Gun, and more 70s inspired with colored lenses and thick chunky frames. Whichever your preference, it's guaranteed chic.

Poppy Lissiman Jimbob ($125)

Sojos Classic Aviator Sunglasses ($14)

Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses ($154)

Quay Australia Hot Take Navigator Sunglasses ($59)

2. Oval

Kurt Cobain style clout googles made a huge comeback a few years ago, but today's oval frames are a little narrower, and more paired back. It's still a very 90s inspired shape that really adds a cool factor to even a t-shirt and jeans.

Le Specs Outta Love in Black & Smoke Mono ($59)

Karen Wazen Glamorous Sunglasses ($135)

The Marc Jacobs Oval Sunglasses ($108)

Balenciaga Typo Narrow Logo Sunglasses ($450)

3. Square

If you're concerned about sunglasses that compliment your face shape, here's the thing about square frames: they really balance out round and diamond shapes. There's also a range of sizes to play with from oversize to medium. These look amazing with preppy styles–think blazers and turtlenecks.

Urban Outfitters Drew Chunky Square Sunglasses ($18)

Le Specs Azzurra Sunglasses ($69)

Bottega Veneta Oversized Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses ($375)

Saint Laurent Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses ($405)

4. Cat-Eye

A personal favorite of mine. This shape really nails the look cool without even trying attitude I think we'd all love to capture. Cat-eye frames also feel a little more trend-driven.

Visit the Feisedy Store Feisedy Vintage Square Cat Eye Sunglasses Women Trendy Cateye Sunglasses B2473 ($13.98)

Rad + Refined Mini Oval Cat Eye Sunglasses ($38)

Joopin Polarized Cat Eye Sunglasses ($17)

Poppy Lissiman Solstic ($125)

Saint Laurent Mica Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($350)

5. Mask

Yes, these are a little controversial, but if you're brave enough they add heaps of cool to any outfit.

Kenzo Mask Sunglasses (€171.318)

Loewe Black Mask Sunglasses ($430)

Saint Laurent Mask Ace Shield Sunglasses ($315)

Balenciaga Black Mask Sunglasses ($277)

6. Rectangle

One of today's most popular styles, and for good reason: rectangular frames are pretty much universally flattering for all face shapes. They feel like a throwback to the 90s supermodel era.

Dollger Rectangle Sunglasses ($11)

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Urban Outfitters Wren Angular Rectangle Sunglasses ($16)

Vow London Kerria Rectangle Sunglasses ($130)

Marc Jacobs Black Logo Sunglasses ($250)

Loewe Black Logo Rectangular Sunglasses ($500)

7. Circular

Typically this shape can feel overdressed, but with a black frame and lens, they're the epitome of unexpected whimy.

Quay Australia Omen Sunglasses ($55)

Poppy Lissiman Katsu ($120)

8. Oversize

These are the throw it on and go type of sunglasses. I find that even on days that I feel less than put together, after adding these to my outfit I feel levels more sophisticated.

Zerouv Oversized Square Sunglasses ($13)

Quay Australia Jaded Flat Top Sunglasses ($65)

Loewe Oversized Square-Frame Sunglasses ($330)

Illesteva Albuquerque Sunglasses (€240)

Gucci Cat-Eye Acetate Sunglasses ($405)

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