Over/Under Week 6 - Andy Dalton

FFL Flash Alert - Now the main man in Dallas, will the Cowboys QB deliver on Monday night?

Video Transcript

- All right. Final over/under-- we're looking at the Monday night game between Dallas and Arizona. Andy Dalton, the much-discussed player, 299 and 1/2 passing yards-- does he get to 300? I'm going to start us off and say over. I'm going to say that he gets there. Again, Andy Dalton is benefiting from the exact same situation that Dak had, incredible receiving corps-- Gallup, Cooper, Lamb, Schultz, Zeke out of the backfield. It's a great situation there.

Also his team's defense is about as bad as it gets-- just gave up 34 points to the New York football Giants. He's going to have to try to pass to stay ahead of them. As much as they would like to be run heavy, I would think in this one and for the remainder of the season, their defense simply won't allow it. I see a huge total number of attempts for Dalton coming up. And I think he creeps over 300 yards in this one. Liz, what say you?

LIZ LOZA: This line is very interesting. I think we all, though, need to like pew, pew, pew, maybe pocket the red rifle for just a minute. Do I think that Andy Dalton can be a low-end QB1? Do I-- am I ranking him ahead of Matt Ryan? Yes. 300 passing yards, I'm not so sure. The Arizona Cardinals have yet to give up this yardage total all season long.

Now, have they faced an offense as potent as Dallas? No. That's totally true. But we also don't know how committed immediately Kellen Moore is going to be to the pass with Andy Dalton under center, noting that Ezekiel Elliott is a pretty good running back. And the offensive line is wildly banged up. So I like Andy Dalton. But over 300 yards, I'm going to take the under.

- Matt, are you firing the Andy Dalton finger guns?

LIZ LOZA: Pew, pew.

MATT HARMON: Oh, sure.


MATT HARMON: They might want to establish the run. They can't establish the run. It doesn't matter what they want to do or what like high-flying media personalities, who just want to default on that bit of analysis-- they're like, oh, yeah, they'll want to-- now, it's time to get back to the roots with Zeke. No. They can't do it, not with that defense. Give me the over on this one. If-- if Dak was averaging like 400 passing yards per game, we can give a bit of a Dalton adjustment here and take it down to 300. That's easy. Give me the over here [INAUDIBLE].


- There it is. The tie is broken. Dalton, a fantasy starter in week 6.