Over/Under Week 16 - Miles Sanders

FFL Flash Alert - The Eagles RB has played well the past two weeks, but will that continue vs. the Cowboys?

Video Transcript

- All right. First over under. We're going to look at that Dallas Philly game, which promises to be full of fantasy goodness. Talking about Miles Sanders here, and oh, it's a big number. 109 and 1/2 scrimmage yards.

I will start us off on this one now. He's only actually done this a couple of times this season, but he does have several games with over 90 scrimmage yards. So he's been plenty productive, he's been really good with Jalen Hurts. Oh, and then you look at the opponent. It's Dallas. Dallas ranks dead last against the run. They give up 162 rushing yards per week over five yards per carry.

I think Sanders can go over in this one. I think he has a huge week, when fantasy managers need it most tank. Tank, how do you feel about that?

TANK WILLIAMS: Man, I was close. I was that close. I thought I had some leftover minty sauce from the holidays, but I guess I ran out. So I got to go over too, dog, because it's one of those things where he's only gone over this number twice. I was expecting so much out of him going against Arizona, and I thought he will ball out last week. And so I almost got that recency bias, but no, man. He's going against the Cowboys, whenever I see the line-- the Cowboys lined up against the dude I want to play, I'm going to go full steam ahead. He's definitely going over this number today.

- Hmm. OK, Jared, can we sweep it, or are you going with the minty pessimism path here?

- Minty just popped up on my shoulder and said, make sure you take the under. So I got to agree with her here. I think that's a lot of yards, and I feel like the Cowboys are playing for their playoff hopes here. You know if you want to beat the Eagles, you have to stop Miles Sanders, and I feel like that's what they're going to focus on, taking away him, which may leave some other holes open there, but I just feel like that's a lot of yards, and so I'm going to go under there.

- All right. We got more over unders coming up. We'll see if Jared can be a little more courageous later in the show.