Over/Under Week 16 - Josh Allen

FFL Flash Alert - Will the Bills QB go over/under 2.5 combined TDs in Week 16?

Video Transcript

- And I always do get myself fired up when we get to talk about Josh Allen. For our final Over/Under of the year, we're going to set the line here at two and a half touchdowns for Josh Allen. And yes, I am going with the over on this one because Josh Allen rules.

Don't care about Bill Belichick [INAUDIBLE] on the other side of the field. Doesn't make a difference to me. This offense is just too difficult to stop right now. They're always-- only throwing the ball. Like, they're not trying to establish the run, not trying to mess around with any of that.

You know they've got Cole Beasley cooking. You know, Stefon Diggs is cooking. Go with the over on this one. Andy, just go ahead and agree with me so we can keep moving.

- Yeah, I am going to go ahead and agree with you. Any time I have the opportunity to take three overs in this show, I do it. I am definitely taking the over here.

Josh Allen has 30 passing scores and 8 rushing touchdowns on the season. He's gone over this total seven times already. New England's defense is not what they once were, right.

No Gilmore this week. That's going to help. They've been nothing special against the pass, and they've been terrible against the run. Yes, I think he goes over this total easily.

- All right, Jared, let's wrap it up. Let's-- let's sweep this thing. I know you're going over with me as well.

- Yeah, man, I'm a loyal member of the Josh Allen Fan Club, and this is over. I mean, I'ma go over at 3 1/2. I think this guy's going to have a hell of a game.

I think this is the vengeance game against the Patriots. They're going without Gilmore, and I just feel like, you know, this is-- let's put some MVP numbers up. Let's go ahead and [INAUDIBLE]. Your team only has three losses. Let's go.

- I love it. I love it. To end the year on a sweep-- beautiful. We end the year on a sweep, and we end the year with some Josh Allen hype. Nothing better than that.