Over/Under Week 15 - Clyde Edwards-Helaire

FFL Flash Alert - The Chiefs running back has struggled the last 3 weeks - will he shine vs. the Saints?

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: And we're looking at that Chiefs-Saints game. We're gonna talk a little Clyde Edwards-Helaire. This is such a reachable number, 74 and 1/2 total yards in this matchup with the Saints. Now it is a difficult matchup, I'll grant you that. Saints defense on the season only allowing about 3.7 yards per carry. Just gave up a couple of big rushing performances both to Jalen Hurts and to Miles Sanders, so that was promising if you're tied to Edwards-Helaire.

He's also coming off a game in which he saw 21 touches, five receptions, over 90 total yards. They were scoreless yards. It didn't help you a ton, but the volume was there. And he played 74% of the snaps, which was really good to see because he'd been splitting snaps with Le'Veon Bell before.

So I am actually taking the over in this one. I think on volume he gets there. Tank, do you agree?

TANK WILLIAMS: I see you going with that old recency bias. So I'm gonna go-- hey, Minty, give it to me. Under. Come on, man. I understand that he had a whole lot of volume last week, but, dog, we haven't seen that throughout the entire season.

I understand the Saints defense gave up a lot against the Eagles with Jalen Hurts and Miles Sanders, but they're gonna be a little bit pissed off and trying to make sure they solidify their playoff standing against a tough Chiefs offense this week. I think the Saints defense comes out and plays. I don't guarantee that Clyde Edwards-Helaire is gonna get the volume that he saw last week. And I think this is gonna be another tough go for him, so I'm going under.

ANDY BEHRENS: Tank, it's been a rough year, man. The only tool I have left in the toolbox is recency bias. That's all I got. Jared, break this tie.

JARED QUAY: With Christmas coming up, I believe in miracles. So if you got him on your team, start him. He got you this far. I'm going over. I'm going over if only for the fact the Chiefs have so many options that the Saints can't stop them all.

I just think that if they get a lead, I think that Clyde Edwards-Helaire can get the ball several times. And this number's not outrageous. This is a number-- he gets two big runs, I feel like he's already halfway there. So let's go over for your fantasy team.

ANDY BEHRENS: Exactly. Exactly. Glad to see somebody talking sense--

TANK WILLIAMS: Y'all looking for a miracle.

ANDY BEHRENS: --to Tank Williams.

TANK WILLIAMS: Yeah. Yeah, pray for that miracle. Keep going.