Over/Under Week 11 - Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Will the Chiefs RB cash in against a depleted Raiders defense?

Video Transcript

- We're talking about the Sunday night game. We're going to talk about Clyde Edwards-Helaire. This is somebody you selected the first, second round so you need fantasy points. Over under, 13.9 fantasy points in this one. I'll start us off.

And I don't think he gets there. Man, you look at these last three games for the Chiefs. He's not-- he's not playing more than 50% of the snaps. Ever since Le'Veon Bell entered the picture, he's gone from being a player who sees 2/3, 70% of the snaps, now it's about 50%. Doesn't have double-digit touches in any of these last three games.

I think Kansas City is going to be able to choose their number this week. I think they're going to have a huge week against the Raiders. I get it, you want the running backs tied to that situation, but again, he's just not seeing the field often enough for me. I don't think he gets there. Hank, how do you feel?

- Man, I'm going with you, dog. I got to go under and I'm not sure which way Jared's going to go, so I'm going to go ahead and take on Minty's role of always going under. Like, the match up was perfect. Like, the Raiders give up the sixth most fantasy points to running backs, but at the same time, this dude's usage is atrocious.

And, I mean, honestly, I just see Pat Mahomes and those guys coming back off of a bye and trying to get revenge for their loss earlier this season. He's been throwing for, like, four to five tubs already the past couple of weeks and Clyde Edwards-Helaire can't even get a pinch of that. So I expect that to continue, man. Under.

- Jared, do we have a sweep?

- Absolutely not. I'm sorry, I can't be with Minty does normally, but I'm going over here. I think Andy Reid after a bye usually comes up with an amazing system and you can't not use a talent like CH to get the ball. The Raiders' defense is past the stop. And Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Amoco Hardman going deep, I think that gives a lot of opportunities to CH out of the backfield, but I think over 13 is very doable.