People are calling this $30 storage solution a space-saving miracle

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Bring some order to any cluttered space with this handy organizer. (Source: iStock)
Bring some order to any cluttered space with this handy organizer. (Source: iStock)

Now that fall has arrived, it is time to make some room for all your fall accessories. If you need some extra storage but can't find the space, rethink the traditional bins and boxes and go with an over-the-door organizer. You can use these practical space savers in any room and they come in various colors to suit your decor. The possibilities are endless!

These are great for extra storage behind the bathroom door for extra towels and toiletries. Store dryer sheets and other laundry essentials in the laundry room or try using these over-the-door organizers in your closet to maximize storage space for clothing and accessories. Keep one by your front door to store hats, gloves and scarfs for easy access during fall and winter.

Put one of these in the kid's room for extra toys, coloring books and crafts. You can store their favorites in the side pockets for easy access and then use the upper pockets to store extra bedding or other items used less frequently. These would also work well for separating and storing siblings’ personal items in a valiant attempt to maintain the peace.

At just $31 for two, now is the time to get organized

 Perfect for bathrooms, dorm rooms or hallway closets. (Source: Amazon)
Perfect for bathrooms, dorm rooms and hallway closets. The five-shelf organizer hangs over the door without any hardware. (Source: Amazon)

$30.99 $39.99 at Amazon

The Jarlink Over Door Hanging Organizer provides you with four large capacity storage pockets without taking up more space. Made with high-quality breathable fabric, each pocket comes with a cardboard bottom lined with a fiberglass tube that provides the support needed for heavier items. And to help you keep track of your belongings, each pocket has a mesh window in the front so you can see what's inside.

The best part of this organizer is that you don't need any tools to install it. Simply hang the adjustable metal hooks over the top of any door and voilà — instant storage. As one customer noted, “This space-saving miracle took up little space, yet provided me with ample storage in each room.”

Get organized this autumn

Take control of those poorly organized cramped spaces with over-the-door organizers on sale for $31 today on Amazon.

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