Over 50 Fitness for Hunters: MTNTOUGH Preseason Prep 50+

MTNTOUGH Preseason Prep Over 50
MTNTOUGH Preseason Prep Over 50

It’s no secret that staying in shape throughout middle age and later years is tough. For those of us who hunt, that reality hits home even more. The inability to keep your body active also means the inability to get up the mountain. MTNTOUGH’s Preseason Prep 50+ aims to keep you capable in the field.

With the help of Fresh Tracks host Randy Newberg, the MTNTOUGH team aims to help hunters stay mentally and physically capable in the field when their bodies might not be so otherwise capable due to aging.

This 9-week program offers a fresh workout for each day of the workweek aimed at getting you conditioned to be ready for a fall packout. The two-phase program is designed to help you increase mobility, strength, and stamina.

Runtime: 20 minutes


To hear more about Randy’s experiences that led him to join the MTNTOUGH program, check out the podcast below. Randy explains his struggles and triumphs through aging. He delves into illness and injury and what it’s taken him to get back to the place physically where he’s confident on the mountain.

Runtime: 1 hour, 43 minutes

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