The ‘Outer Banks’ Season 3 Finale Still Has Us on the Edge of Our Seats

outer banks l to r chase stokes as john b, carlacia grant as cleo, jonathan daviss as pope, madelyn cline as sarah cameron, rudy pankow as jj in episode 302 of outer banks cr jackson lee davisnetflix © 2023
Let’s Break Down the Wild ‘Outer Banks’ S3 FinaleJackson Lee Davis - Netflix

P4L is our current motto now that Outer Banks season 3 is out and trust us when we say it might be its most explosive season yet. These OBX kids are far from home and just when they thought they have found their biggest treasure yet, something unimaginable popped up and made them quickly travel the world to try to get their hands on it first. But as we've seen in the past, these treasure hunts don't come easy and you're probably wondering whether or not these Pogues managed to find the gold with the help of some very familiar faces. So get your swimsuits ready and prepare to reach some higher ground, here is the ultimate recap of Outer Bank's season 3 finale.

Where are they heading off to this time?

It seems like the Pogues are really getting their frequent flyer miles because this group of misfits are suddenly in South America. John B., Sarah, Pope, and Cleo hitched a ride on Ward's private jet, but sadly, he is also along for the ride. The group is on their way to try to save Big John and also get the special El Dorado gold before Singh and his men make it there.

But there's also JJ and Kiara, who after bailing her out of that horrible camp that her parents sent her to, are now also on a flight to Tres Rocas thanks to Barracuda Mike. Of course, he's not doing this out of the kindness of his heart. He's expecting a massive cut from the El Dorado treasure, so it's obviously very important that they find it.

Back at Singh's place, Big John is trying to buy himself some time, but Singh is obviously not having it and reminds him that he's on a timeline to translate the gnomon or else.

Arriving in Tres Rocas, the group heads out to make their way to find Big John and El Dorado, but Ward goes against his promise of staying away from them and tells them that he's coming along. Sarah reminds him that he's injured and Ward seems to jump back on the plane, but this is obviously Ward we're talking about...

The private plane crew decides to divide and conquer to try to find Jose, the guide that is supposed to help lead them to the treasure, while Big John attempts to escape by going through the window. Unfortunately, his plan fails, but it does grab John B.'s attention, who helps break him out. JJ and Kiara spot Pope and Cleo in town and reunite, but they also end up getting spotted by Singh's men.

outer banks l to r madelyn cline as sarah cameron, carlacia grant as cleo, jonathan daviss as pope in episode 302 of outer banks cr jackson lee davisnetflix © 2023
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Do they make it out safe?

Sort of! So John B., Sarah, and Big John manage to make their way to Jose's boat and John B. shares the rosetta stone that Pope found that will help them translate the rest of the glyphs. Ward also makes his way out to the river, which obviously starts a fight between him, Sarah, and, of course, Big John. Unfortunately, they don't really have a choice and all jump on the boat before Singh's bodyguards notice them.

They end up on the other side of the river where they have to camp out for the night. Ward continues to try to make amends with Sarah and notes that he is not after the gold, but only her. However, later that night, it looks like he sends his location to a mysterious person.

The next morning, the crew makes their way up to Solana to try to make it in time for the solstice. Ward stays behind due to his leg injury and that tells them that he'll send up a flare if he sees any of Singh's men nearby to give them a warning. Big John tells him to not try anything or else it "won't end well."

Sarah, John B., and Big John make their way to Solana and it's a tough hike up, especially with Big John's relentlessness to get up there ASAP. They manage to make it just in time and are finally able to make out the correct translation, while the solstice also helps them figure out the direction they need to go to.

outer banks l to r chase stokes as john b, charles halford as big john in episode 303 of outer banks cr jackson lee davisnetflix © 2023
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Oh great! So they obviously got the gold!

If only it was that easy! Singh and his crew show up with Ward, who reveals that he sent over his location in exchange for Sarah's safety. Singh tells Big John that he can be safe too if he gives over the one thing that he wants: the directions to El Dorado. Big John refuses and also notes that he won't kill him since he is the only person who knows how to get there.

A confusing gunfight starts off which gives them a chance to escape. Sarah picks up a gun and points it at Ward so she can also head off with Big John and John B.

The rest of the Pogues end up et El Tesoro, but quickly spot some of Singh's guys on nearby boats. They use fireworks to confuse them and clear them out before trying they head up the mountains in the hopes that they can catch the rest of their friends on time.

John B., Big John, and Sarah continue on their journey, but John B. notices that his father has been shot in the big fight. They finally figure out what one of the first translations means thanks to Sarah and we also see Ward hiking up, but taking a bit of a break to deal with his emotions of her betraying him. Singh is also seen walking around the jungle, which only spells out more trouble….

So did they find the gold?!

The group make it out to a cave, where they feel like they've hit a dead end. Sarah, however, notices a body of water with some fish and realizes that there's a small opening in the cave that also features the hand symbol that they've been looking for. Knowing that he can't continue due to his injury, Big John encourages Sarah and John B. to go through the opening and see if the treasure is back there.

While taking a small break to allow JJ and Kie to catch up, Cleo and Pope have a cute little moment together and share a kiss, finally bringing them together!

outer banks l to r carlacia grant as cleo, jonathan daviss as pope in episode 302 of outer banks cr jackson lee davisnetflix © 2022
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Sarah and John B. hit another dead end, but they suddenly remember the rest of the translation which helps them find another special symbol. Placing her hands on the hand symbol, another part of the cave opens up and it leads them to...a giant cliff that they have to jump over...

Singh reaches the cave where Big John is and notices that he's hurt based on all the blood that he's left behind.

What about the treasure?

After everything that they've been through, John B. and Sarah finally make it to the special cave that's filled with a huge mountain of gold, aka El Dorado. They take it all in for a second before they fill up their packs with some of it and make their way out.

Arriving back where they started, they discover Singh has found them. Singh tries to take the gold for himself and holds them at gunpoint. Big John lights up a firecracker and warns him that he is willing to blow up the opening to El Dorado if he tries to do anything. Singh doesn't believe him, but Big John actually follows through on this promise and blows the whole place up. Singh doesn't try to escape and actually tries to stop the firecracker from going off, but it's too late, and boom!

The rest of the Pogues and Ward notice the explosion and follow it. Ward gets there first and holds them at gunpoint (again), but the Pogues come out ready to take him down and protect their friends. In another fun surprise, Ryan appears—ya know, that Singh bodyguard—and tries to take the gold for himself. He specifically targets Sarah and Ward jumps in to take him down in a big emotional moment.

Ward is shot multiple times before he pushes himself and Ryan off a cliff where they both die from the impact. Sarah has an emotional moment where she mourns her father before Pope realizes that John B. is not doing so well due to all the blood he has lost on this adventure.

They make it to their boat in the river, but Big John doesn't make the journey and dies on his way. The Pogues hold a small funeral for him back on the land before they head back home home now a lot richer thanks to all the gold they find.

outer banks season 3 finale

Now that they found the treasure, what's next?

Well, their first successful hunt only fuels them even more. There's actually an 18-month time skip and we see the Pogues getting honored for finding the treasure in a special ceremony.

While taking it all in, a man with a manuscript comes up to them with a brand-new quest, this time focusing on Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard.

outer banks l to r chase stokes as john b, carlacia grant as cleo, jonathan daviss as pope, madelyn cline as sarah cameron, rudy pankow as jj in episode 302 of outer banks cr jackson lee davisnetflix © 2023
Jackson Lee Davis - Netflix

And there's a couple of loose threads, especially one named Rafe who won't be too happy to hear about what happened….

Is there going to be another season of Outer Banks?

Luckily for us, the show has already been renewed for a fourth season! Whether or not it will focus on the Blackbeard reveal is still up in the air, but at least we'll get our Pogues back very soon. After all, P4L!

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