‘Outer Banks’ Season 2 Is Confirmed—Here’s What We Know About the Pogues’ Next Adventure

Jason Pham

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Netflix’s Outer Banks season 1. Those who have finished Netflix’s latest teen drama, Outer Banks, may be wondering if there’s a season 2. Here’s what we know about Netflix’s Outer Banks’ season 2 release date, spoilers and news, after the finale’s wild cliffhanger.

But before we discuss season 2, let’s recap what happened to John B. and the Pogues in season 1: Outer Banks, which premiered on April 15, follows a teenage boy named John Booker Routeledge (John B., for short) and his group of friends called the Pogues in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Much of the season followed John B. and the Pogues as they investigated the disappearance of John B.’s father, who went missing a year before the events of Outer Banks. Along the way,...

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