Oscars 2020: More than 800 photos to prepare you for the 92nd Academy Awards

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Since the very first Academy Awards took place in 1929, there's been plenty of movie history made at the Oscars – and Sunday's awards show (ABC, 8 p.m. ET/5 PT) is bound to bring even more unforgettable moments.

To get ready for the big night, we've compiled a crash course on everything you could possibly want to know going into the 92nd Academy Awards. Who wore the best Oscars looks of all time? Who wore the worst? Which stars have never won before? And what happens behind the scenes?

We've got all your burning questions answered. So sit back, relax and get ready for trivia that will make you the star of any Oscars viewing party.

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Best Oscars moments of all time

To kick things off, here's a round-up of some of the most memorable moments in Oscars history.

So who's nominated this year?

The 2020 Oscar nominees are making for some big competition at the awards show. Here are the top nominees, from "Joker" to "The Irishman."

What else have the nominees done?

Every star starts somewhere. Check out the career beginnings of acclaimed nominees like Brad Pitt, Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson with this throwback gallery. (Some of their early roles may surprise you.)

Every best picture winner ever

It's the most anticipated (and often most controversial) award of the night. Here's every film that's taken home best picture.

But not every best picture is actually the best ...

Oscars history is full of surprising snubs. Here's a list of best picture winners that didn't deserve it, along with the nominee that should have taken home the trophy instead.

In fact, some of the best films of all time have never won an Oscar

Believe it or not, "It's a Wonderful Life," "Psycho" and other classics that are considered the best in film history were never awarded Oscars.

Speaking of snubs, can you believe these stars have never won Oscars?

Not every A-lister has an Academy Award. Here are celebs who shockingly have never won an Oscar.

So, who's the best of the best?

Don't have time to binge all 91 best picture winners before Sunday? We don't blame you. Here are 10 winning films that are the best of the best pictures.

The stars have been celebrating for weeks

Oscar nominees have been partying together all year in preparation for Sunday. See celebs mix and mingle at the 2020 nominees luncheon ...

... and all the other pre-parties this weekend.

Which nominees have won (or lost) Oscars before?

For many nominees, Sunday night won't be their first time at the Oscars. Here are all the nominees this year who have won and lost at Academy Awards past.

Which nominees have been up for two Oscars at the same time?

Johansson is bound to have big night at this year's Oscars, having earned two acting nominations for "Marriage Story" and "Jojo Rabbit." But she isn't the first double-nominee. Here's a look at people who've been up for two awards at the same time.

Flashback: Take a glance at Oscars past

There have been plenty of icons to grace the Academy Awards. Relive old Hollywood glamour with this gallery of stars at Oscars past.

The best Oscars looks of the '90s

Embrace your inner '90s kid by checking out the best Oscars looks from the era of floppy disks.

The best Oscars looks of all time...

Perhaps just as anticipated as the awards ceremony is the red carpet fashion that precedes it. Here are the most glam Academy Awards looks of all time.

... and the worst

While many gowns wow on the red carpet, some stun for all the wrong reasons. Here are the worst Oscars looks of all time.

Fashion trends to watch out for this awards season

We've boiled down five fun fashion trends taking red carpets by storm this Oscars season. Will any of them turn up Sunday?

Winners with winning style

When you go up to accept an Academy Award, the right dress can really make you shine. Here are some A-plus looks from A-list winners.

What goes down behind the scenes?

Wait, a cocktail at the bar costs how much? Here are 10 things you wouldn't know about the Oscars if you've only watched from home.

What's inside this year's swag bag?

Not every acting and directing nominee will walk away with an Oscar, but they will leave with $200k worth of gifts. Take a look at this year's luxurious swag bag for acting and directing nominees, provided by Distinctive Assets.

Why book lovers should care about the Oscars

Tons of best picture winners were actually based on books. Here are Oscar-worthy movies that started as books.

Times the Oscars got political

The Oscars have become known as an event where stars can speak their mind, and these celebs definitely made a statement with their fiery political speeches.

And the award for most unforgettable mishap in Oscars history goes to ...

It wouldn't be a live TV event if everything went according to plan.

Relive the jaw-dropping moment when "La La Land" was accidentally declared the best picture winner in 2017 – only to have it come out shortly after that "Moonlight" actually earned the honor.

We've broken down every moment that went wrong in the cringe-worthy fiasco.

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