Oscar Mayer's Wienermobile Is Getting a Name Change

Oscar Mayer announced its famed Wienermobile would no longer be known as such.

The advertising prop has been around since 1936, when Carl Mayer, the nephew of the company’s founder, came up with the idea of a large metal hot dog on wheels as a revolutionary marketing idea. Over the course of about a century, the company accumulated multiple fleets of redesigned vehicles but never changed the name–until now.

After 87 years, the iconic hot dog-shaped vehicle was officially renamed the Frankmobile and rebranded with a fresh decal displaying the new title.

But that's not the only thing that's changed for the brand. A rep for the company told CNN the new Frankmobile name "pays homage" to the new recipe for its hot dogs rolling out this summer.

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"While some competitors focused on having strong flavors on a few aromatics like garlic and/or onion, our team worked to balance these out while still keeping strong beef brothy notes throughout the dog," a spokesperson said.

Oscar Mayer believes its updated recipe provides consumers with an overall improved hot dog eating experience, and to celebrate, it's "trying out to see if it [the vehicle's name change] ‘cuts the mustard’ with its fans."

While specific details about the new recipe weren't revealed, a press release described the new variety as having a "more balanced flavor profile" while staying true to its "iconic beefy taste that is more delicious than ever."

The company said shoppers could also expect to see all-new packaging to match its all-new recipe on store shelves soon.

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