Organizers Inching Closer To Building Burlington's First Bike Park

Burlington is a city in Northern Vermont known for being an outdoor hub. The sport of mountain biking is especially popular there.

The city will be building a bike park off of their popular bike path. See the local news coverage of the project below.

The Burlington Bike Park is planned in Leddy Park, a city park on the side of Lake Champlain north of town. The project is a joint venture between the Burlington Bike Park Coalition and the Burlington City Council.

The city's representative appeared on the broadcast to say that the park will be family-oriented and accessible to everyone.

News of the Burlington Bike Park is nothing new. It was first announced as a concept when I was in college there over four years ago. The website is copyrighted to 2018.

Thankfully it appears they have gotten the city government on board and progress will begin shortly.

Bike parks are a boon to local communities and provide a space for everyone from high-level riders to young children to progress. Spending municipal money on it is a great choice because a good bike park can attract tourism and money to the city for years to come.

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Burlington's waterfront skatepark not far from Leddy Park is very popular and brings skaters from out of state to come ride. If the bike park can achieve something similar, it will be great for the city.

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