This organization uses baking as a platform to advocate for mental health awareness

Dayna Altman started “Bake It Till You Make It,” but she is not a baker. Inspired by her own struggles with mental health, Dayna founded the community-based organization using food and baking to talk about mental health in a way that is authentic, vulnerable and fun.

“A lot of times people think mindfulness is just watching the sun rise or doing yoga, which it definitely can be, but for me, mindfulness is really being present,” she says. “With someone who lives with OCD as I do, the process of making cupcakes or baking forces me to think about what’s right in front of me, and I think that is invaluable.”

Through cookbooks, workshops and events, Bake It Till You Make It creates a community that promotes openness and honesty. Dayna’s Bake It Till You Make It days are gatherings of people joining together to do some easy baking and join in the conversation in a way that feels safe and welcoming.

“So much of mental health struggles really come with isolation, at least in my own experience. It’s really easy to want to hide when you’re depressed,” Dayna says. “I think that bringing people together and showing them that they’re not alone is probably the most valuable tool that “Bake It Till You Make It” can give one’s community.”

Dayna sees herself as a mental health advocate rather than a baker. She hopes her organization can make an impact by bringing together authenticity and vulnerability, showing community members that it’s okay not to be okay.

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