Oreo's S’mores-Flavored Cookies Are Back for Another Campfire-Filled Summer

Photo credit: Nabisco
Photo credit: Nabisco

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UPDATED: June 30, 2021 at 12:13 p.m.

There was some speculation, but on May 10, Oreo confirmed on Instagram that its S’mores variety was back! If you haven’t tried these limited-edition cookies in the past, you won’t want to miss them this time around.

This summer-ready treat consists of graham-flavored cookies that are stuffed with marshmallow- and chocolate-flavored creme. That’s right — two layers of creme! So you get the three elements involved in s’mores and you didn’t even have to semi-burn a marshmallow to make it happen.

Now if you would excuse us, it’s time to go hunt down that firework-covered packaging at our local grocery store or mass retailer, like Walmart and Target. Happy snacking!

ORIGINAL STORY: March 8, 2021 at 10:40 a.m.

Nabisco first released Oreo S’mores Cookies in 2015, but as a limited-edition flavor, so it wasn’t around for long. It reappeared on shelves in 2019 and rumors swirled that it was making a comeback in 2020, but that never happened. Now, however, it looks like s’mores-flavored Oreos really are coming back in 2021.

Updated packaging is a great indicator that a product really is returning. There’s a listing on Instacart showing the Oreo S’mores Cookies with 4th of July-inspired designs, including fireworks. So it appears that they’ll be making their way to stores this spring or summer, but we’d bet it’s certainly going to arrive before America’s birthday.

Although it has new packaging, the limited-edition s’mores cookies are the same from previous years. They start with two graham-flavored cookies and are stuffed with marshmallow-inspired creme and chocolate-inspired creme. So you get the three key elements layered with cookies and two cremes. Sorry, campfire — we have our summertime treat ready to go already.

For further indication that Nabisco is bringing back Oreo S’mores Cookies, Instagram account @junkbanter has posted a photo that appears to be an actual package. All signs are pointing to the possibility that soon enough we’ll be stocking up and eating the s’mores cookies in no time.

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