Oreo Is Adding A New Cookie Flavor For Spring—And It's Not Lavender!


As spring rolls in, our favorite brands are rolling out new spring flavors, and they’re not what you expect. When Starbucks released its new Iced Lavender Cream Oatmilk Matcha, everyone assumed that lavender and matcha would be the flavors of the season. But Oreo just dropped their new limited-edition spring flavor and shocked everyone. On March 27th, the cookie giant stocked shelves with their best flavor yet: churro! Keep reading for more information.

Limited-Edition Churro-Flavored Oreo

The Churro flavored Oreo includes "fried-dough flavor cookies" with a churro creme filling. According to their official announcement, they got this delicious flavor combination by dipping each individual cookie in classic churro sauces: dulce de leche and spicy chocolate.

Just in time for spring, this new flavor is light and sweet, perfect for those who don't crave that rich chocolate flavor. But they won't be in stock for long, and they're already flying off shelves! Grab a pack while you can and decide for yourself if this is the best spring flavored Oreo yet.







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Customers Are Obsessed With New Oreo Flavor

Oreo posted the announcement of their new flavor to their Instagram page, and the post has already amassed over 30,000 likes and hundred of comments from customers sharing their thoughts. "Omg I can't wait to eat a whole pack in one sitting!" one person wrote.

"Oreo, you understood the assignment," another commented.

"Oh lawd I'm about to buy so many of these," one fan said.

"I'm getting this for sure," another agreed.

"I am salivating just at the thought of them!" another person said.

"What a day to be an Oreo lover AND a churro lover!" a final fan wrote.