You Can Order Zombie and Victim Chocolate Bunnies on Amazon for a Horrifying Easter

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Photo credit: Sugar Plum Chocolates
Photo credit: Sugar Plum Chocolates

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Easter is all about chicks, bunnies, chocolates, and pastels, which makes for a very cutesy holiday. If you’re looking for a different aesthetic in your Easter basket, Sugar Plum Chocolate is doing the unthinkable: Turning the classic chocolate bunnies into a horror scene.

The Chocolate Zombie & Victim Set will change everything you know about the adorable chocolates that are typically wrapped in gold foil and colorful bows. The set includes two solid chocolate bunnies. One is made of white chocolate that’s dyed green and is decorated like a zombie, complete with its ribs showing and a bloody mouth from its victim. The victim, a solid milk chocolate bunny, has its head decapitated. That’s about as gruesome as an Easter bunny can get.

You can shop the Chocolate Zombie & Victim Set on Amazon for $49.99. Yes, it’s a little steep compared to what you’re used to shelling out for chocolate, but the unique design is sure to be remembered for years to come. Plus, you can still order it in time to take advantage of Amazon Prime’s delivery.

“Unfortunately our team has run out of the serum needed to bring the headless victims back to chocolate deliciousness, so once they are gone, they are gone, so don’t hesitate and order yours today!” reads the Sugar Plum Chocolate description.

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