Optimize Your Living Space With These 21 Innovative Outlets and Extension Cords

Anvita Reddy

A new year brings new goals, and after living through the chaos of 2020 and binge-watching our way through Get Organized With The Home Edit, we all want to revamp our living spaces. While it's fun to shop for cute decor, comfy couches, and brand-new gadgets like smart speakers, one major key that most people tend to forget is to have the right outlets and extension cords in place that can truly optimize your living space. Yes, it's boring, but we did the mundane work for you so you can shop instantly.

Proper outlets and extension cords are a necessity. They can keep exposed wires hidden, make sure all your outlets are utilized without damage, add extra sockets for all your electronics and gadgets, and so much more. You can truly customize your room layout with the proper extension cords and outlets in place. We included outlets and extension cords for all needs, including ones that are ergonomic or perfect for your smart-home system. Whether you're revamping your entertainment center or work-from-home setup, you're going to need a few of these!

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