Oprah Has A New Talk Show To Bring Light To This Hellhole Year

Cassandra Stone
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Oprah’s new show debuts THIS WEEK, y’all

If you’ve been thinking that the only good things to come out of 2020 are The Chicks’ “Gaslighter” and T. Swift’s new, moody album, “Folklore” — well, you’re not wrong. BUT GUESS WHAT? A third good thing is coming, and it’s coming this week: Oprah. She’s debuting a new talk show on July 30 and honestly, it’s the tiny ray of light we all need in this dank hole of a year.

Oprah Winfrey, the most beloved television personality in history, whose iconic daytime talk show spanned from 1986-2011, is back. And not, like, popping in here and there with tidbits of wisdom like she does on her channel, OWN. She’s back back — on Apple TV. Front and center, interviewing interesting people as she sits alongside them in (presumably) fabulous shoes and enviable horn-rimmed glasses, nodding along and asking questions so deep and well-thought-out you wonder if you’re an incredibly dumb and shallow person (No? Just me?).

Oprah took to social media to share her latest project, The Oprah Conversation, a new interview series that will feature conversations with newsmakers and thought leaders on current events and timely topics. “It’s time to bring humanity back to the conversation,” she tweeted, saying it’s time for conversations that “unite us — not divide us.”

According to Deadline, reports that the first episode in the new Apple TV+ series will directly address racism in the United States, especially in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd. The first episode, titled “How to Be an Antiracist,” features bestselling author Professor Ibram X. Kendi to speak with white Americans about confronting their own racism. Professor Kendi’s book of the same name has been widely lauded for its effort to help readers gain a deeper understanding of systemic and societal racism while offering those seeking to do anti-racist work ways to incite change.

The series will be weekly, with the following episode airing Aug. 7 — which will feature a two-part interview with athlete, commentator, activist, and host of “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man,” Emmanuel Acho.

Back in 2018, Oprah signed a multi-year deal with Apple TV. The Oprah Conversation is just one of three shows the television legend will star in — Oprah Talks COVID-19 and Oprah’s Book Club will also premiere on the service at some point in the near future. Which means yes, Oprah Winfrey is having more of a national dialogue about racism and the pandemic than the leaders of our federal government.

Bring on your bright light, Oprah. We’re in desperate need of it here.

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