Oprah and Gayle OG Chronicles

Oprah and Gayle OG Chronicles

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GAYLE: Erica, Erica Johnson. She grew up with the Oprah Winfrey Show constantly being on the TV and the magazine on the coffee tables around her house. I already like her already. Now, she's a brand new mother, and she's coming here for some help, enforcing COVID rules in her house.

Because you all know, Oprah and I are not messing around when it comes to COVID. I'm telling you. I sit here in this apartment. In the beginning, I went nowhere, nowhere.

So welcome, Erica. Erica Johnson, what's your question? Because you're right. We take COVID very seriously.

ERICA: Hi, Oprah and Gayle. Thank you so much for having me. I'm going to ask this question. It's a tough one on behalf of all the pandemic mamas out there. So I had my son, William, 10 months ago. And for obvious reasons, my husband and I had been taking every precaution possible, and making sure that him and the rest of our family is safe. And because of that, some pretty important people in our lives have missed out in meeting him, because they're not vaccinated yet. So I've shied away from having any kind of company.

GAYLE: Good.

ERICA: Thank you. You know, they just keep asking to see him, because they see the pictures on Facebook. And they just want to be a part of his life so badly, and so do we. But I told them, you know, they need to quarantine or wear a mask for us to my husband to even consider such a thing.

GAYLE: Erica, are they not planning to get vaccinated? Are they not planning? If I had a new baby, I don't know if I would let someone-- no, I do know. I wouldn't let someone see the baby without a vaccine. I wouldn't.

ERICA: Yeah.

GAYLE: Are they resistant to getting the vaccine?

ERICA: Most of them have. Most of them have or plan to, and then some are still a little skeptical and nervous, yes.

OPRAH WINFREY: No, I wouldn't let anybody around my baby who hadn't been vaccinated or who had not been quarantined for an extensive period of time. And now that people have been vaccinated, even vaccine people coming to my house still have to quarantine. It's not 14 days anymore. It's five, maybe seven to five. Because I have girls coming and be like, do we still have to do 14?

GAYLE: Oprah, are you still making people quarantine if they've been vaccinated?

OPRAH WINFREY: You have to quarantine for, at least, five days, until you've been here, you've traveled, if you're traveling on the plane, you have been here a couple of days, and now, can be tested. So yes, I am doing that.

GAYLE: Well, I do think that's extreme. Dr. Fauci says that, if you've been vaccinated, you can be with other people who have been vaccinated.

OPRAH WINFREY: Not if you're not if you're flying on a commercial flight. You cannot in my house, and this is just my house. So Dr. Fauci can do whatever Dr. Fauci wants to do.

GAYLE: Well--

OPRAH WINFREY: The rest of the world can do whatever they want to do. I'm just talking about my house, and Erica, the same thing is true for you.

GAYLE: So Oprah, wait. Wait a second, Erica. So if I came there, and you know that I'm vaccinated, and I flew on a plane, I would have to quarantine for five days?

OPRAH WINFREY: Not if you flew on a private plane.

GAYLE: Well, OK, but what if I didn't fly on a private plane? That's not normally my mode of travel. Erica, we're going to get to you in a second.

OPRAH WINFREY: Gayle, that's just the rules. That's the rules in this house, yes.

GAYLE: For five days.

OPRAH WINFREY: I have girls coming for spring break. They're going to have to quarantine in the guest house for five days, yes.