An Open Letter to My Fisher Price Bounce House (PureWow)

But could you win me over? As it turns out, despite displacing my outdoor table and bumping up against my hydrangeas, you could! Here are some things I love about you: That you inflate and deflate in under two minutes. That you pack up small enough to fit in a storage bin. That even though you require an air blower to be on at all times, you aren’t oppressively loud. That you’re fun and you keep my children occupied for hours at a time, then tire them out so sufficiently that they go to bed without incident. 

Bottom line: As life at home stretches out indefinitely, we’re all finding ways to work with what we’ve got and to make our insular, little worlds feel just a little more robust.

Thank you for that, dear Bounce House. Thank you for being uncomplicated and bright yellow and unabashedly fun. Who knows, if things go on much longer, maybe you’ll catch me attempting my first somersault in 25 years.



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