'It's our only home': Lindbergh students celebrate Earth Day

Apr. 19—Earth Day festivities started a little early over at Lindbergh Elementary School.

Lindbergh recently held its second annual Earth Day event in partnership with the city of St. Joseph, Missouri Western State University, the St. Joseph School District and Schneider Electric, a company that specializes in energy managements.

Peter Hinkle with Schneider Electric said it's a celebration of being proactive about saving the planet and being sustainable.

"We're really focused on kind of giving students an opportunity from an educational perspective to do hands-on learning," Hinkle said.

Not only did fourth and fifth grade students learn about the importance of Earth Day, but they also got the opportunity to make solar bugs.

"So the kids are each kind of creating, coloring and then going to be using a bug that has a little solar panel on it that'll kind of allow its head to move back and forth," he said.

Hinkle said that the Earth Day celebration emphasizes that "it's a one planet kind of mentality."

"So it starts to become rather than a lesson, it becomes just a day-to-day activity for them," he said. "Whether that's picking up trash or we're also doing ... in addition to the solar bugs, some planting and some gardening activities."

Student enjoyed playing with their solar bugs. Students Edyn Weston and Trenton Brown said they love Earth Day because it's really fun.

"I love Earth Day because in fourth and third grade, I had the same teacher and we went on this Earth Day walk and we picked up trash all around the city," Weston said.

Weston said her family already does a good job at recycling things like water bottles. Brown said he's planning to do more things in his home to be sustainable.

"I'm probably going to turn off my room light because I already respect Earth Day," Brown said.

Both Brown and Weston said they see why Earth Day has a big impact on the environment.

"It's our only home and we have to take care of our home," Brown said.

"It's important because it's helping our Earth ... and that's why it's a good thing," Weston said.

Schneider Electric also presented the city of St. Joseph, Missouri Western and SJSD with a Community Impact Award, which honors the progress they make within the community and their inspiring efforts of collaboration.