This Is the Only Cleanser I Trust on My Dry, Acne-Prone Skin

I get sad thinking about about all of the cleansers I've tried over the years that have wreaked havoc on my skin. In all honesty, my journey to finding the right cleanser feels like a dysfunctional love story. Le sigh. I dated so many before finding the right one, and it was always a struggle when each cleanser's honeymoon stage came to an end, leaving me with literal acne scars.

Here's how my cleanser saga went: I'd interview skin experts, spend hours reading reviews on the internet, and carefully examine each ingredient. I did my due diligence on each cleanser before trying it on my face. I'm so careful when it comes to skincare products because my face freaks out whenever I try something new. I talk all about my sensitive skin here and confess how working in beauty made my skin worse at one time.

Good thing I held on to the hope that everyone will find true love one day. I met Sunday Riley's Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser and will never be the same. The love is real. I was introduced to this power player during a facial. I was being my normal, expressive self, oversharing my skincare woes with a super-skilled, knowledgeable esthetician. After thoroughly examining my skin, she concluded that I needed to try Sunday Riley's cleanser, and here's why.