OnlineSuccess.Coach Reforms Traditional Marketing by Building Top-Notch Sales Funnels for Businesses

When building a business of any niche, entrepreneurs should have a certain understanding of the importance of marketing. Not having a proper marketing strategy can leave their business vulnerable to other businesses with a more customer-centric operation.

There is increased competition in the business industry and most businesses end up in price wars to attract customers; business owners should recognize the need for a more effective technique to attract customers and retain them. One important aspect of a business’ marketing plan includes an effective sales funnel strategy. Building a sales funnel is a proven strategy to systematically grow any business.

A sales funnel, also known as the marketing funnel or the revenue funnel, can be described as a business strategy used as a reference for sales closure and lead generation. Simply put, it is a journey of potential customers in the buying process. It is important because it turns website visitors into subscribers and will, later on, turn into customers or clients.

However, you may find that building a sales funnel is not easy. But don’t fret; there are platforms like OnlineSuccess.Coach who can guide you in building an excellent sales funnel for your business.

OnlineSuccess.Coach is a business coaching and marketing solutions platform that aims to provide guidance and assistance to entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses to ensure growth, higher revenues, maximize profitability and long-term stability.

OnlineSuccess.Coach is composed of professional individuals who work hand-in-hand with their clients by providing different tactics, tools, and strategies to optimize each stage of the sales process. It is called a “funnel” because it mimics the number of people that undergoes the sales funnel process.

OnlineSuccess.Coach explains that potential customers can be compared to an upside-down triangle. At the top of the funnel are would-be customers then they are narrowed down into someone likely to sign-up with what a business has to offer.

According to OnlineSuccess.Coach, depending on the type of sales model, building a sales funnel can be divided into phases and this includes the following:

  1. Awareness Phase – At this phase, potential customers in this part of the funnel clearly understood that a business exists but does not show a particular interest.

  2. Interest Phase – In this phase, customers show interest in a product or services offered by a business, yet, are not fully convinced that they should avail the products or the services. This is also the phase wherein customers will have to do thorough research for a product or service by reading product reviews.

  3. Decision Phase – This is considered as the critical phase because would-be customers are now on the deciding phase whether or not they should buy the products or services. This is also the phase wherein business owners will have to build a convincing reason for customers to purchase their products or services. Price negotiations may also be included in this phase.

  4. Action Phase or the Purchase Phase – This will be the final phase of the sales funnel. Here, depending on a business’ marketing strategy, customers have already decided on buying a product or service. All businesses’ goal is to bring would-be customers into the action phase of the sales funnel.

Aside from building a sales funnel, OnlineSuccess.Coach also offers Basic Social Media Marketing, Advanced Social Media Marketing, Sales Funnel and Sales Video Concept Creation, and Site Building and Advanced Social Media Marketing. All of these services are created to fit any business owner’s interests and need. Also, these services aim to help businesses succeed in the industry.

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