One woman's journey to lose 154 pounds: 'I feel like an entirely new person'

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Christine is 30 and 5-foot-7, and she currently weighs 165 pounds. In 2016, after a lifetime of being overweight, she turned to weight-loss surgery to finally take control of her health. This is her weight-loss story.

All photos: Courtesy of Christine Pymble
All photos: Courtesy of Christine Pymble

The turning point

I was a fat baby, a fat child, and a fat teen. I’ve always known my weight was an issue and have always felt too fat for every situation.

Since age 14, I had been trying to lose weight, and I was always active. I used to do CrossFit, weightlifting, rock climbing, I even ran a Tough Mudder, but I never lost any weight. By the time I was around 28, after trying pills, shakes, and crazy diets to no avail, I was so exhausted from the constant fight to lose weight that I had resigned myself to being fat forever. One day I was sitting on the couch watching TV when a story flashed through my Facebook feed about gastric sleeve surgery and I started crying. I realized I couldn’t give up until I had tried everything. The thought of surgery terrified me but not as much as spending the rest of my life unhealthy and unhappy.

The changes
I had a vertical-sleeve gastrectomy, and post-op I lost around 65 pounds quite easily. Then the weight loss slowed considerably, and I had to put in the extra work. I walked every day, counted calories, gave up snacking entirely, and stopped drinking all sugary drinks.

There were many times when I lost motivation. Weight loss is hard! I fell off the wagon more times than I can say, but every day that I stayed strong, I felt a little healthier. I slowly felt stronger and started noticing that not only was I living a better, fuller life, but I was also inspiring those around me to be better as well.

The after

My life has changed completely. No matter what I was doing before my weight loss, I was constantly aware of my weight. Hanging out with friends, working, shopping — I was uncomfortable at all times. While I never let it hold me back from trying new things, the only place I ever felt comfortable was in my own home.

Now I feel like an entirely new person. I can go places and actually enjoy being there. I’m trying new things and soaking up the experiences instead of smiling and pretending to be happy. I feel so much healthier, and for the first time in my life, I can go clothes shopping without needing to mentally prepare myself and have a support team present.

People treat you differently when you’re no longer fat. I had no basis for comparison because I had never been a normal weight, but people are polite to me now. I’m making new friends, socializing more, and I’m sure a lot of that is to do with my newfound confidence, but I genuinely believe people treat me differently.

The maintenance

Every morning, I go for a walk — no matter if it’s raining, hailing, or frigid outside. I also do yoga and mobility, and because I am still trying to lose a bit more weight, I am focusing on trimming down. My day-to-day diet consists of protein and vegetables with small amounts of quinoa or brown rice. I still have my two full-fat lattes — you’d have to kill me to take them away — and I focus on keeping my calories at around 1,200 per day. But I don’t torture myself anymore; if I’m going out with friends, I’ll eat. Walking, drinking water, and not snacking are all habits I try to practice.

What keeps me motivated is the goal of looking hella fine in my wedding dress. The further I get into this journey, the more self-motivated I am, but if I’m ever having a rough day, I love looking through Instagram at some of the amazing weight-loss girls and their progress.

The struggles

The main thing I struggle with is my loose skin. It puts a lot of pressure on my diaphragm when I jog and means I need to wear larger pants than I should, but when I wear good compression pants, it all tucks away nicely. I try to keep my sense of humor with everything I’m experiencing now though. It’s all an experience and makes for great photos.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I couldn’t have done it without my surgery, but I know many people who have. Join a support group, work with friends, or speak to a doctor. The most important thing is to never give up! No matter how long it takes or how you get there, reclaiming your life is worth it.

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