One Piece Season 2 Plans Revealed by Producer

Live-action pirate anime One Piece is definitely getting a second season, following its outrageous success on Netflix (even if One Piece was beaten to the top of the streaming Charts by a surprise show).

And now, thanks to an interview with its showrunner, we’ve got a better idea of what to expect from One Piece season 2.



Talking with Deadline, One Piece executive producer Matt Owens offered the first teaser for its follow-up. “Season 1 ends with Luffy gaining notoriety…this is putting a target on your back. A lot of people are going to know you and know your face. And so that tag at the end is really reinforcing that idea that there are people who now know of Luffy’s existence, and they’re going to try to put a stop to him.”

Luffy, it seems, is going to have more enemies than ever in the next season of One Piece. But who’s the main one?

Owens says: “While Garp may have been the marine who was testing Luffy, not every marine is going to give him any leeway because of who his grandfather might be. And so we’re going to see this very powerful, very driven marine as a major antagonist moving forward in the story.”